Why Happy Learner

A few years ago, I felt unreasonably sad. I noticed that I didn’t feel like myself, and I wasn’t smiling, laughing, or doing things I enjoyed like I used to just two months prior. And I asked, “I used to be such a happy, carefree girl, but why am I not happy anymore?”

To remedy my state, I started to write a journal. A journal with daily entries of one thing that made me genuinely happy that day. They included things of substance such as relationships with friends and family; others were smaller and simpler like the smell of fresh laundry or having coffee by the window on a rainy morning.

To my surprise, it actually worked! And I happily stopped writing with just over two months of entries, believing I was all better.

I think this time, instead of abandoning the journal, I’ll hold myself accountable to continue despite how good I feel. This will be the first treatment regimen I assign to anyone and of all people, I should be a good, compliant patient, right?

The Happy Learner

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